Thyme tea

The benefits of thyme tea

Thyme is one of the aromatic herbs with great medical benefits that affect the human mood and greatly support its health, and helps in the treatment of the colon and end its problems, when eating a cup of thyme in the morning and evening will help with treatment and these are some of the benefits that thyme carries and that make it suitable for colon treatment

A cup of thyme is able to kill parasites, and an anti-fungicide found in the digestive system and able to make the colon at its worst.

Thyme contains many anti-oxidant and antibiotic compounds, and thyme has the ability to rid the body of toxins

Thyme is one of the aromatic herbs when you keep eating it. It helps relieve stomach pain and relieves muscle spasms

Thyme increases the body's immune capabilities and makes it able to resist the pain caused by immune spasms, and when continuing to eat boiled thyme, the patient dispenses with irritable bowel medications.

Thyme fights the problem of stomach regurgitation and makes the stomach muscles work better, and it is advised to eat a cup of boiled thyme half an hour before bedtime to avoid damage to excess stomach acid.

How to use:

Use twice a day

- Each time, take a cup of boiling water with one tea envelope - and leave 5 minutes before drinking to mix the components of tea with water.

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Thyme tea

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