* general information*

Prostatitis is an enlarged and inflammatory prostate gland, which is the size of a walnut-sized gland located just behind the bladder in men. The prostate secretes fluid (seminal) that nourishes and transports sperm.

Prostate inflammation causes difficulty and pain (burning sensation) when urinating in addition to some other symptoms such as lower back pain.

  Prostate inflammation affects men of all ages, but the most common is 45-50 years

* Symptoms *

The signs and symptoms of prostatitis depend on the cause. It can include the following:

Pain or burning sensation during urination (dysuria)

Difficulty passing urine, such as distillation or frequent urination

Frequent urination, especially at night (night urination)

Urgent need to urinate

Cloudy urine

Blood in the urine

Abdominal pain, groin, or lower back

Pain in the area between the scrotum and the rectum (perineum region)

Pain or discomfort in the penis or testicles

Painful ejaculation

Flu-like signs and symptoms (with bacterial prostatitis)

That is why we offer you today the best treatment for solving all prostate problems from infections and enlargement, which was made by one of the oldest companies specialized in medication

 With natural herbs NURS


* Ingredients *

Carrot molasses 400 g, lavender capsule, 60 capsules, Al-Ikhalia tea, 42 envelopes

* Its benefits *

Treatment of prostate enlargement

Treatment of prostatitis and urinary tract

Treating urination and sexual health problems

Suitable for all age groups

Suitable for diabetics and pressure

Supporting prostate health

⚉ How to use

Take one capsule twice a day, morning and evening, after eating two hours.

Take a tablespoon of honey mixture twice a day in the morning and evening, after eating two hours.

He drinks tea once a day for 3 weeks at any time.

Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery
أبو محمد 25/01/2019

الحمدلله الفضل لله وثم لكم على هذا العلاج ارتحت عليه كثيرا ، وفقكم الله

Ghardenia 18/01/2019

الحمد لله أسعدنا كلامك اخي ابو عبد العزيز ونتمنالك الوصول الى الشفاء التام بإذن الله

ابو عبد العزيز 17/01/2019

الحمد لله لي شهر بستخدم في العلاج والنتائج مبشرة الى الان , شاكر ومقدر على جهودكم

Ghardenia 30/11/-0001

الحمد لله , واسعدنا كلامك اخ ابو محمد ونسأل الله ان يرزقكم الشفاء الكامل

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