Orange Cream

Varicose veins are a situation in which the veins are dilated and paired, varicose veins can appear in all veins of the body but mostly affect the legs, because walking and long standing increase the pressure on the veins of the lower part of the body and cause difficulty in returning blood to the top and completing the blood circulation and thus accumulate and become veins Swollen and drooping in advanced cases.

Product ingredients

Orange oil extract, sesame oil, juniper oil, petroleum jelly

Its benefits:

The cream works through sesame oil and juniper oil to stimulate the blood circulation in the body and thus improve blood flow in the veins, in addition to the quality of orange oil that works to tighten the skin and restore its previous structure

How to use:

Twice a day, we apply the cream to the places of the varicose veins with a massage from the bottom up and the pull during the tension to the top, this process of massage and withdrawal is the process of returning blood manually and it is one of the best methods of treatment


1- Avoid long standing or long walking

2- Lifting the feet up when returning from work or after walking with a massage from the bottom up while lifting the feet

3- The use of olive oil on a daily basis as an additional factor in the treatment, through a massage for places where varicose veins exist because olive oil stimulates blood circulation in the body

4- If there is extra weight, we must work to reduce the weight

5- Not wearing tight clothes

6- Rubber socks are very useful in treatment

This product is subject to skin allergy tests. It should be stored in a cool temperature and out of direct sunlight

size 100 ML
Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery

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Orange Cream

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