New nephritis

Product benefits:

1- Treating kidney infections caused by the presence of stones

2- Relieves kidney pain and urinary tract infections

3- Increasing the hydration process, which in turn leads to cleaning the urinary tract from harmful salts.

4- Pains made by stones are treated in the urethra by relaxing the involuntary muscles to not feel pain.

5- Dismantling stones in the college and preventing their formation again.

6- Treating urinary tract infections.

The components of the group:

Afcador Leaves Tea: 42 Envelopes

Molasses Essence of Avocador leaves: 400 gm.

How to use

Molasses: Stir well before use, then take a teaspoon twice daily

 Tea: put a bag of tea in a cup, add boiling water, leave 5 minutes and then drink


Avoid greedy foods rich in salts that are deposited to form pebbles, such as: legumes, red meat, and tea and coffee.

Drink a large amount of fluid (2 liters per day), especially during the day to increase the amount of urine, which helps to "clean" the kidneys from sediments, expel germs, and get rid of chemicals that help in the formation of stones.

It is recommended to drink cranberry juice and natural pomegranate

Shipping Method يشحن عن طريق شركة الشحن ارامكس , الوقت المتوقع للوصول هو من 7 الى 9 ايام , الدفع عند الاستلام

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