Keratin Hair Set

Creatine is a nutrient, an essential ingredient the body needs to build and maintain health and strength. It also plays a vital role in hair care since every hair consists of creatine protein and amino acids. Daily use of ELDER shampoo and creatine oil helps you maintain strands

Your hair is long, strong, and extremely shiny.

Creatine shampoo benefits

It strengthens weak and damaged hair

It thickens, moisturizes hair and makes it very shiny and long

Protects hair from hot rays and sunlight

It cleans hair from dirt and plankton to restore hair vitality and shine

Benefits of creatine oil:

It treats and strengthens hair

Nourishes hair from the roots

Gives hair outstanding strength and shine

Prevents hair from falling out and split

It effectively contributes to preventing split ends and increases hair shine

How to use:

Wash the hair twice with shampoo and then rinse and dry it completely

Comb the hair and split it into strands in a way that can be easily controlled for hair

Put the oil on the tufts of hair and then comb the hair completely

Allow it to dry for 20 minutes, then clap the hair with a blow-dry several times to fix the hair treatment

Wash hair with its own shampoo

Avoid using other shampoos that contain harmful salts in the hair

size Shampoo 400 ML Oil 50 ML
Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery

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Keratin Hair Set

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