New Hemorrhoids set

Kantaron cream (St. John's wort or sword herb) 100ml, and Kantaron sprays 150ml for internal and external hemorrhoids from Nawras Lukman al-Hakim of Turkey.

the description:

A natural herbal product.

- Safe for topical application.

- GMP Certified Good Manufacturing Practices.

It has a soothing and relieving effect on hemorrhoids, burns, wounds, and bedsores.

Herbal oil extracts possess coolant and antibacterial properties, so it helps reduce inflammation, relieve unpleasant symptoms associated with hemorrhoids, minor wounds and skin irritation.

St. John's wort has a long history of being used as an anti-bacterial and anti-viral in ancient Greece, as it has anti-inflammatory properties and has an effective effect that helps heal wounds and burns when applied to the skin.

- This herb was also called the sword herb in the Ottoman era, for use when army personnel are exposed to wounds in warfare, as it helps to calm pain, heal wounds, and stop bleeding.

Group components

Cream of Qantaron, consisting of sword herb, olive oil, myrtle oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, and vaseline.

  Qantaron Spray consists of sword herb oil, wheat seed oil, myrtle oil, sage oil, green thyme oil

How to use:

- The cream is applied from the outside on the hemorrhoids or inserted slightly into the anus to ensure better results. The spray is also used to spray on the affected area and leave it for two minutes.

 The product can be used two to three times daily.


It is considered a safe product for topical application and free from side effects.

- Follow strictly the instructions and the method of use provided.

We recommend that you consult a doctor for pregnant and breastfeeding women before use.

- The product is not used by people who are allergic to one of the ingredients.

It is also not recommended to use the product in very advanced cases that require surgical intervention.

Keep product out of reach of children.

size 100 ML Cream 150 ML Spray

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Hemorrhoids set

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