Due to its excellent effectiveness, ease of preparation, and because it is a safe natural product, there are no side effects, the world famous Detox drink is the most requested product for weight loss.

Product ingredients

Morning Detox: lemon + green apple + alkaline substances

Evening Detox: beet extracted from sugar beet + probiotics (which are the beneficial bacteria)

Benefits of the product

1- It burns fat five times faster than any other product

2- It works to flush out toxins from the body and purify it

3- One of its secondary advantages is to expel gases from the body and relax the colon

4- It helps to lose 5-7 kilos per month without any diet or diet

How to use

Morning detox, open the bag and put the liquid in a cup of hot or cold water. There is no difference and is drunk before eating on an empty stomach.

Evening detox, placed in a cup of cold or hot water and drunk after dinner

One detox pack contains 15 bags. Store in a cool dry place and away from children

We do not recommend using the product from pregnant or breastfeeding women or under 15 years of age

size morning detox 15 bags night detox 15 bags
Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery

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