Cracking oil

What is the benefit of chapped care oil?

To eliminate cracks caused by weight loss.

Avoid kicks in the abdomen and navel after pregnancy.

Moisturizing your skin helps nourish and tighten it.


 Body care oil contains a special formula for natural extracts and an effective effect of cocoa oil, sesame oil, sweet almond oil, apricot oil, cocoon oil, air juba oil, rose oil and lavender oil that refreshes and regenerates skin cells

Crack Care Oil:

Its natural and plant-rich content helps in cell regeneration.

Helps remove cracks in the navel, chest, arm, leg, and body lift.

Made of a special formula that contains natural and powerful herbal extracts, which create a refreshing and rejuvenating effect of the body cells applied to them:

Cracks that appear to women after pregnancy

People suffering from weight loss

Muscles of people who carry heavy weights during sports

People with dry skin.

People who want to moisturize the body with botanical preparations

How to use it?

Apply to clean body by carefully massaging.

You can safely use it all over the body.

For effective results it should be used 2 per day.

size 150 ML

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Cracking oil

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