Boy max

Parents often visit doctors' clinics to ask them about their children's growth, is it normal or is it below the required level, and that being short is not a serious disease, people pay much attention to it because it has negative effects on a person's psyche.

Therefore, Nawras Lukman Al-Hakim Company devised a natural herbal prescription under the supervision of specialized doctors, and it was a great success after the clinical tests conducted on it.

The effective lengthening product works to lengthen the stature and increase growth by stimulating growth glands such as the pituitary and glands responsible for growth hormone secretions in the body as its special formula contains all the vitamins and nutrients and minerals that stimulate growth in the body

It helps increase the length from 7 to 10 cm

Its components

- Royal Jelly

- Seaweed like Kelp

Vitamin D.

- soya

- Seeding the flax


 BoyMax benefits herbs

Improve blood circulation and contribute to resting the heart

Help the body get rid of toxic and harmful substances

Help the body release the hormone endorphin, which is a natural pain reliever

Protecting the body from various diseases by stimulating the immune system

Contribute to treating digestive problems


The method of use is as follows:


Drink in the morning after waking up

- Put a small spoon of the product in a cup of juice or fresh milk as desired

- Add a teaspoon of honey to it

- It is advised to practice some exercises to increase the length with simple and light exercises

size 350 GR
Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery

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Boy max

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