bones, back and muscles

Benefits of the product

The product is considered effective in treating:

Back and vertebrae.

Bone and joint pain.

Muscle cramps and pain.

Remove the pain of sliding neck vertebrae.

Product ingredients

Salmon oil, omega-3, peppermint oil, olive oil, vaseline

 How to use

The area where the cream is to be applied is cleaned with warm water, then a layer of cream is applied to the pain site with gentle massage until the cream dries up and absorbs from the affected area, then the affected area is covered to warm it well.


- It is advised not to carry any weights for the slipped disc.

- It is advised to use the crutch for those who suffer from knee pain in order to reduce pressure on the knee, especially in cases of obesity and excess weight.

It is recommended to use medical braces that support the pain area, such as the knees and the back.

- It is advised not to perform ablution on the sink, and ablution is better, because raising the man on the sink and relying on the other causes pressure on the vertebrae.

- It is advisable when getting off the car to get off the feet together and not one before the other because it also causes pressure on the vertebrae.

- It is recommended to keep the product in a moderate temperature and not hot or very cold.

Keep product out of reach of children.

The product is subject to clinical and medically safe tests and skin allergy tests

size 100 ml
Shipping Method by aramex , arrive around 7 or 9 days , cash on delivery

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bones, back and muscles

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